3x3 curved pop up stand
Deluxe wheeled case
LED pop up lights

Pop Up Displays

£553.00 Ex. VAT & Delivery

These exhibition pop up displays consists of a collapsible magnetic frame, magnetic hanging bars which attach to the frame, a wheeled case and printed / laminated graphics which are easily attached to the frame to create one large curved image. Lights are available at an extra cost.

Q. What size pop up display do I need ?
Pop up displays come in many different shapes and sizes and commonly are referred to as 3×2, 3×3 or 3×4 pop up stands.

This can be a little confusing, as the term 3×3 for example, does not relate to the size of the stand in metres but instead refers to the number of sections within the pop up frame itself. So a 3×3 pop up stand usually has 3 frame sections high and 3 frame sections wide.

Each frame section wide is designed to hold a single pop up graphics panel, plus there should be a curved graphic at either end to form an end cap, thus making the total number of graphics panels on a standard 3×3 pop up stand to be 5 panels (3 main panels and 2 end caps).

The width and height of these graphics panels varies depending on which make of frame you choose to order, so please call us if you should need help deciding which stand will suit your requirements.

Pop up displays – Size Guide (standard sizes only)

Optional extras:
150W flood lights which attach to the frame £30 +vat each.
240V, LED flood lights £58+vat each.
Case to counter graphic £75 +vat
Wooden counter top £30 +vat.

Design Templates:

System includes:
1 x 3×3 magnetic curved frame.
1 x set of mag bars.
5 x printed / laminated graphics. (3 main panels and 2 ends)
1 x ‘Deluxe’ wheeled exhibition case.

Lead time: 2 to 5 days.

Footprint area of this exhibition stand

3x3 pop up stands footprint
*measurements are approximate and are based on standard curved pop up stand frames.


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