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3×4 Pop Up Stands – Easy Economy

£589.00 Ex. VAT & Delivery

3×4 Pop Up Stands Overview

System includes:
1 x 3×4 economy curved frame.
1 x set of mag bars.
6 x printed / laminated graphics. (4 main panels and 2 ends)
1 x wheeled exhibition case.

Lead time: 3 to 5 days.

Footprint area of this exhibition stand

3x4 pop up stands footprint

3×4 Pop Up Stands & Graphics

These 3×4 pop up stands create an impressive exhibition stand which will attract potential clients and customers to your stand area.

The stand is a little under 3m wide so it will easily fit within a 4m wide stand area and will also fit within a 3m stand width.

The height of this stand is 2.3 metres which is standard across most makes of pop up stand.

Although we refer to this as our economy stand, this is far from low quality. Instead this stand is made to a very high standard and has high quality printed graphics panels as are all of our pop up display stands.

Textured scuff proof laminate is standard on the graphics and every stand is checked and built before it leaves our building to ensure quality of product.

We also only sell UK best selling exhibition systems. This way you can rest assured that your exhibition stand will be future proof for many years and you will be able to buy new graphics for it without any problems of knowing what it is or where to find a supplier.

Of course we hope that you will come back to us when you require updated graphics or re-brands but if you buy your exhibition stand from us you will still be able to shop around for graphics from other suppliers if you prefer. This way you will not have any restrictions or problems on future purchases that some obscure stands can cause.

For any additional advice please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

*measurements are approximate and are based on standard curved pop up stand frames.


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