What are pop up stands ?

A guide to pop up stands

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What are pop up stands ?

It sounds a simple enough question to answer, “what are pop up stands ?” but the term ‘pop up stands’ has caused some confusion over the years so hopefully this web page will help to explain what these display stands are, and how they have become so popular in the display industry.

pop up stands frame

Collapsible pop up stand frame

The term pop up was originally given due to the fact that the frame is collapsible and pops up when it is gripped and pulled outwards. For anyone who hasn’t seen this before it can be quite amazing to see how such a small construction of poles joined together in a block can expand to form such a large framework.

pop up stand mag bars

Magnetic fixing bars attach to frame

This frame alone will not hold printed graphics, as to do this magnetic bars need to be connected to the framework vertically to make a platform for graphics to attach with magnetic tape.

This graphic is split into separate panels which are attached to the  frame one at a time, side by side to create one large image, so that when all the panels have been attached to the frame it looks like one piece of artwork.

These graphics are rollable and in most cases have a laminate applied to the face to protect them from being easily scratched and can be wiped clean if they become marked.

LED pop up lights

Pop up stand lights

Although pop up stands are often used without additional lights these can be attached to the top of the frame structure when needed, and are now available in LED as well as the older halogen style. We would recommend LED as these use far less power, create very little heat and are more reliable than the halogen type.


The overall effect of an exhibition pop up stand can create a real wow factor at an exhibition or event whilst taking up very little space when not in use as the complete system packs away into a wheeled carry case.

With the added bonus of being very easy to erect in just a few minutes without the need to use any tools it makes these exhibition stands extremely popular and a firm favorite for exhibitors and event managers.

Portable exhibition stands

To find out more about these highly portable exhibition stands please visit our overview of the types of pop up stands that we sell at RGL Displays.