Pop Up Banners

£45.00 Ex. VAT & Delivery

Overview for our pop up banners

  • Pop up banners for events.
  • Standard size 800mm x 2000mm (visible graphic area).
  • Includes printed / laminated graphic.
  • Supplied with carry bag.
  • Other sizes available.
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee against component failure and defects.

Lead time: 1 to 3 days.

What are pop up banners ?

Pop up banners are portable display stands that have a printed graphic which is rolled into a metal cassette that both stores the graphic and holds the graphic in position when it is extended to attach to the top of a pole and being used.

These banners come in all sorts of sizes and there are many different brands available to choose from but essentially they all do the same thing, hold a large graphic upright !

That in mind, some companies make them better than others and whilst price is important we don’t like to cut corners when producing these banners as do many of the online banner shops. Instead when you order your banners from us at RGL Displays you will know that you are ordering from a company with over 27 years of print experience that prides itself on excellent customer service.

Before ordering your pop up banners it is a good idea to spend a little time to work out what size banners it is that you need and also what your budget can take. Although cheaper banners is great for some people, others prefer to spend either slightly more or in some cases a lot more for much better brands. If you are looking for better quality hardware and longevity then it would be advisable to look at both the Grasshopper banners and also the Barracuda banners. The grasshopper banners are very easy to use and have twist out feet for extra stability whilst the Barracuda banners are one of the best pop up banners around.

At RGL we sell around 30 different pop up banners of varying sizes and can even custom make the heights for you if needed to fit your height restrictions.


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